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Card Safety

Please have your card number handy. Always mention your new card number for depositing your card bill. Credit cards are a safe way to make payments, provided you take some basic precautions. Read our card safety page for more details.

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How can you manage your card easily? If the entire amount is repaid within the payment due date as shown on statement no interest will be charged and thus the cardholder has the option of enjoying a free credit facility from 20 to 50 days depending on the date of transaction. Read our card management page to know more.

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Southeast Bank Limited is one of the leading commercial banks in Bangladesh. The bank issues MasterCard and Visa Cards designed with the best of features at competitive fee along with the state of art technology and good customer services.

Credit card is issued with a set revolving credit limit which can be used for cash..
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Students and professionals can now pay overseas fees online using Virtual Card…
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A prepaid card and has been designed to give travelers a better alternative of carrying cash…
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Brands of the World

Choose your card which suits your lifestyle best from a wide range of cards of the most popular brands of the world – MasterCard and Visa.

Reward Points

Every 100 taka transaction at shopping outlet will award our customer 1 Membership Reward Point (MRP). MRP can be redeemed for refund in cash.

Available MRP may be Refund in cash in card account

MRP 5,000=Tk. 500


EMI based “EMI PAY” payment solution is a feature that allows cardholder to repay certain large purchases in equal monthly installments over an extended specific repayment period. This facilitates a cardholder to choose a repayment period in equal monthly installments and plan purchase according to his/her budget.

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Balance Transfer

Balance transfer allows cardholder to transfer his/her balance of other institutions’ credit card to SEBL credit card. Transferred amount may be repaid in 3 to 12 equal monthly installments at a reduced interest rate or applicable fee.

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Single Card for Local and International use

Visa and Mastercard

Competitive fees

20-50 days interest free credit

Card cheque

Cash advance from any Southeast Bank branch

Free supplementary card

No excess over the limit fee

Earning reward point

Flexible repayment

Secure online shopping

Internet banking

SMS push pull service

3D secure online transaction

Chip-PIN based

Priority Pass Program

World and Platinum Card offers you complementary membership to the Priority Pass Program – world’s largest independent airport lounge access program. click here for details

Countries/LocationPricing per Airport Lounge Visit
China (Domestic)USD 16.50, Guest USD 27
India (Domestic)USD 16.50, Guest USD 27
TaiwanUSD 18.50, Guest USD 27
China (International), Hong Kong and MacauUSD 19.75, Guest USD27
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the PhilippinesUSD 22.50, Guest USD27
India (International), Japan, Korea and Rest of AsiaUSD 25.00, Guest USD27
Rest of the WorldUSD 25.00, Guest USD27
Note:*May change from time to time

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